Installing mojoPortal on GNU/Linux with Apache

Create a folder /usr/local/web/mojoportal and copy all the files from the mojoportal folder in the released binary files into this new folder

I assume you already have mono, apache web server and mod_mono?installed and have been able to get the ASP.NET sample pages that come with it to work.? If you haven't already got the test pages working, you may need to add this setting to load the apache mod_mono plugin?in your httpd.conf file:

LoadModule mono_module modules/

For mojoPortal you will need entries something like this in your?httpd.conf file:

DocumentRoot /usr/local/web/mojoportal

SetHandler mono

# We need to let apache handle? .xsl files instead of mono to make the RSS link in the blog
# display a friendly page if viewed in the browser. When mono handles the request for the .xsl
# file it sends a Content-Type of
# "application/octet-stream" which makes the xsl not work in the browser

<FilesMatch "\.(gif|jp?g|png|css|ico|xsl|wmv)$">
SetHandler None

Edit your Web.config file under the root of the web and set the connection string for your database. As I understand it, there is a bug in mono 1.0.2 that requires you to rename the Web.config file to lower case web.config so if you are using mono 1.0.2 and you have trouble getting it to work try that first.?See the additional database documentation for more information.

Now you should be able to browse to http://yourservername/ and the site should work.

If you have any difficulties please post messages in the forums and I will try to respond as soon as possible.

Update 12/19/2005: I've put up a better tutorial on apache Virtual Host configuration on my personal site here

Update 2009-04-22 There is now a web page that the Mono Team has out out to help you generate config files for mod_mono and apache.

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