Project Team

Photo of Joe Davis

Joe Davis

Project Lead | President, i7MEDIA

Joe Davis is the founder of i7MEDIA and has been an active contributor to mojoPortal since 2008. Time and time again he has come up with creative solutions to help people achieve their goals using mojoPortal. Chances are if you've ever posted a question in our forums Joe Davis has helped you.

Photo of Isaac Hall

Isaac Hall

Web Designer & Front End Developer, i7MEDIA

Isaac is the artist behind most of i7MEDIA's work. He lends his tremendous skills in both design and UI development to the mojoPortal project to ensure that it is a great-looking CMS. He has been creating mojoPortal skins for about a decade and he loves to prove that beautiful sites can and should be made with mojoPortal.

Photo of Elijah Fowler

Elijah Fowler

Developer, i7MEDIA

Elijah is a very talented front-end developer but his passion is with learning new technology and figuring out how he can make use of it with the projects he's working on. He has been creating mojoPortal skins for about a decade and is always looking for ways to improve on the CMS he loves.

Photo of Joe Audette

Joe Audette

Joe Audette is the founder of the mojoPortal project and was the primary developer until February 2017. He wrote the first bits for the project in mid-2004 and was the primary developer until February 2017.

Photo of Jamie Eubanks

Jamie Eubanks

Systems Analyst, City of Escondido, CA

Jamie is a Systems Analyst for the City of Escondido, California, where he was instrumental in implementing the city's website using mojoPortal. Jamie is an active member of the community, helping many people with their questions in the forums. He joined the Documentation Team in November 2010 and in that role he has written several docs and keeps others up-to-date.