mojoPortal for Developers

Easy Web Applications.

Save time and money on your next web development project by starting with mojoPortal.

Start Somewhere Nice.

Every new development project starts with certain unique goals, but there is always a certian amount of basic web plumbing that needs to be done first. Starting your project with mojoPortal means all of that plumbing work for things like navigation, authentication, security, and roles is already done for you in an elegant way, so you can jump right into developing the specific features you need.

Well Organized Code.

mojoPortal is implemented using classic Object Oriented Programming patterns, but it is not overly patterned. The code is well organized and commented, and written with the intention that it be easy to read and understand, so you don't need to be Martin Fowler to understand how it works or develop custom features. It's easy to get started working with mojoPortal – if you know how to make an ASP.NET UserControl then you already know how to create a simple custom feature.