Non-Ascii Urls

In mojoPortal content management system we do not url encode all the characters of friendly urls and for many languages it seems to work ok with non-ascii urls even though the spec says that urls should always be url encoded

It is also possible to use the closest ascii equivalent for some languages with this setting.

<add key="UseClosestAsciiCharsForUrls" value="true" />

A good discussion of the challenges of using non-ascii characters in urls can be found in this blog post by Keyvan Nayyeri

Due to some of the problems many people choose to use English urls even though it is less than ideal. For languages that use similar alphabets to English, we can also use a strategy to replace the non-ascii characters with their closest ascii equivalents.

Disabling Friendly Urls

If friendly urls are not working for your language, it is possible to disable them and then CMS pages will be served using /Default.aspx?pageid=x instead of friendly urls. This is the real url that serves the pages as discussed in How mojoPortal Works.

Add this to user.config:

<add key="UseUrlReWriting" value="false"/>

To disable friendly urls in the blog also add this:

<add key="Blog:UseFriendlyUrls" value="false"/>

Updated 2012-06-13 by Joe Audette

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