Using the Firebird Data Layer

Software required

Firebird sql server 2.0.1 or higher

Create your database using FlameRobin or some other tool of your choice. I suggest UTF8 for the charset to use when you create the db.

Create a database and a user with full permission to the database. Enter the connection string in the web.config then navigate to yoursiteroot/Setup/Default.aspx

Setting the Firebird connection string

Quick description of each setting:

  • Data Source
    • This is the name or ip address of the machine on which the Firebird server is running (e.g. localhost).
  • Server Type
    • The server type should be set to 0 when connecting to a Firebird server and 1 when using the embedded firebird server.
  • Port Number
    • The port number which the Firebird server listens on, default = 3050.
  • Database
    • The database alias or the full path to the database file on the server.
  • Dialect
    • The database sql dialect, should be set to 3.
  • Charset
    • The database characterset. This must match the charset specified when you created the db
  • Pooling
    • Allow connection pooling, increases server response time.
  • Min Pool Size
    • The minimum number of database connections to keep open.
  • Max Pool Size
    • The maximum number of connections open at one time.
  • Connection Timeout
    • When a connection is requested, if it is not made in this number of seconds an exception is thrown.
  • Connection Lifetime
    • When a connection is closed, it goes back into the connection pool. This is the number of seconds to keep the connection open once it is back in the pool.
  • Fetch Size
    • The number of rows to fetch from the database in one go.
  • User Id
    • The user name used to connect to the database, must ve a valid fFirebird user.
  • Password
    • The user password.




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